Selected presentations

A Data-Driven Approach to Identifying Laboratory Overutilization – Results from the General Medicine Inpatient Initiative (GEMINI).

Choosing Wisely Canada National Meeting (2018)

Does Routine Echocardiography Affect Management of Stroke? 

Canadian Society of Internal Medicine Conference (2017)

The Impact of Diabetes on Cost and Frequency of Hospital Admissions Canadian Society of Internal Medicine Conference (2017)

Identifying quality indicators for General Internal Medicine hospital care, a GEMINI project. 

Health Quality Transformation (2017) 

Big Data Projects in Canadian Healthcare – The GEMINI Experience (2017)

Conference Board of Canada Webinar (2017)

Characterizing Short General Internal Medicine Admissions in the Greater Toronto Area, Preliminary Results from the GEMINI Study

Canadian Society of Internal Medicine Annual Meeting (2016)

GEMINI: Audit and Feedback in General Internal Medicine

Information that matters at the frontlines: enabling practice improvement, Health Quality Transformation (2016)